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What is Breathwork?

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathwork is one of the most profound healing experiences I’ve ever had, and it is my mission to share that incredible healing experience with YOU!

As humans, we often get caught in the realm of story. Now don’t get me wrong, stories are incredibly powerful, meaning making opportunities for healing. All of our stories are valid. There is power in speaking truth to our story - the lived experiences of our lives. However, problems can arise when we attach so strongly to our story that believe we are only the story. When in reality, we are the authors of our lives. Not the villains, the victims, the heros, or the shapeshifting trickster. In truth, we are all of those parts and yet none of them, because not one character fully encapsulates who we are.

The evidence-based research of Somatic Psychology and Trauma Therapy reminds us our stories - our traumas - live in our body. Which requires a deeper realm of healing that no talk therapy can ever truly get to the root of.

Breathwork has been one of the incredible somatic (body-based) tools that helps move through any of those areas we may feel stuck in our body and mind without the use of words.

Simply by honing the power of one’s breath.

Breathwork is inspired by the life work of Stan and Christina Grof and their incredible contribution to the field of holotropic breathwork.

Breathwork is a transpersonal approach to healing that helps create non-ordinary states of consciousness to assist in self-exploration, somatic restoration, and emotional release of any blocks or stagnation that are no longer serving you in your life–simply by the conscious manipulation of one’s breath.

Accessing various non-ordinary states of consciousness has the ability to create meaning in one’s life, heal past emotional wounds, alleviate present mental suffering, as well as unearth unconscious material that lies within your soma (body), to bring it forward for more integrated healing into our whole being. This transpersonal approach honors the full spectrum of the human experience, where all parts of you are welcome at the table of your inner healing.

According to Stan Grof, “non-ordinary states of consciousness are characterized by dramatic perceptual changes, intense and often unusual emotions, profound alterations in the thought processes and behavior, and by a variety of psychosomatic manifestations.”

To this end, Breathwork is a combination of emotional catharsis, primal sound creation / screaming, somatic (physical) release, and mental clearing that helps you gain direct access to your own intuition and Inner Healing Intelligence.

This approach utilizes the power of the breath, music, and voluntary consensual touch to help you move through various mental, emotional, and physical blocks that may be present within your system.

Breathwork helps to quiet the chatter of the mind, open the heart, and access one’s Inner Healing Intelligence to help cultivate deep healing for your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Inner Healing Intelligence is our natural and innate capacity to heal, grow, transform, and evolve.

This Inner Healing Intelligence has been celebrated throughout time in the wisdom teachings and lineages around the world that honor the incredible and innate ability for human beings to heal under the right conditions.

Just as the body knows how to heal wounds once the infected area has been cleaned of debris, so too, when given the chance, does the psyche know how to move toward healing? Inner Healing Intelligence is within all human beings at all times. It is part of our intrinsic nature, and we have the opportunity to cultivate a loving relationship with this part of ourselves through the sacred practice of breathwork.

Other examples of activities that may induce non-ordinary states of consciousness – psychedelic experiences, spiritual ceremonies, meditation, sweat lodges, shamanic drumming, prayer, art, dance, music, presence with nature, dream state, and rites of passage.

Interested in experiencing Breathwork?

Join me in person:

Sunday, October 16th 1-4:30pm EST at Wildflowers Yoga

Saturday, October 22nd, 3-6:30pm EST at Yoga Pod NW

Online only:

Wednesdays, 7-9pm EST

October 19th

November 16th


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