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Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras - What is it?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

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Today, I wanted to share with you a little about an upcoming program that I'm offering - Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras: How to Transform Trauma and Create a Life of Inner Freedom in 90 days.

The intention behind this course is to help us figure out all the different ways that we get stuck in our thoughts, in our feelings, and in our behaviors. We all have particular patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. However, these old patterned responses may be out of alignment with our integrity and are no longer serving or supporting us and the life we’re trying to create.

Often these different patterns - the way we think about ourselves, our relationships, others, and the world - are deeply ingrained survival responses that are intending to keep us safe throughout our life.

Now, the thing is, often when we were learning these various coping mechanisms… they DID keep us safe.

The thought of, “well, if I'm not welcome in these circles, then I'm not welcome in any circles” or the thought that “if they're not wanting to communicate with me, then I need to renegotiate this relationship and I'm going to pull away because it doesn't feel safe to be engaging with them anymore".

These different patterns are survival responses.

So, if we look at it through the lens of our physiology, our nervous system was simply trying to keep us safe. We have automatic survival responses that occur within our nervous system when we feel threatened - we can experience fight, flight, freeze, or fawn.

So again, these are different programmed responses.

The question is, are they still serving us?

Do they still support us in the life we're trying to create? Or are they keeping us stuck repeating old patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are outdated and are no longer in alignment with our integrity or values?

Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras provides us opportunities to get compassionately curious about the various ways we get stuck.

Rising Strong™ is one of Brené Brown’s life-changing programs that invites us to become aware about the various ways we get "emotionally hooked".

An example of feeling "emotionally hooked" could be: “Wow, I am so overwhelmed with all that is on my plate. I feel like an exposed nerve and I'm just going to explode on the next person who irritates me." Or "Why is it so freaking hard for my partner to put the dishes in away?

It's noticing the "emotional hook" - the part within you that wants to yell, scream, cry, disengage, argue with, or blame yourself, others, or the world. The key here is to notice without judging it or reacting to it… it's getting curious and thinking to yourself…

  • Why do I want to yell at my partner?

  • Why do I want to tell my boss off?

  • Why do I feel the need to tailgate the person who just cut me off?

These are very different programmed responses that we often just end up doing habitually without actually questioning…

Does this serve me? Does this support me? Does this support others? Does this support the type of life that I'm wanting to live or create?

Now, chakras are energetic doorways into how we can perceive reality. There are seven primary chakras that we will explore in order to observe how we relate to the world.

And one of my favorite quotes about the chakras is from Sharon Gannon, one of the co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga:

"A chakra is a doorway through which we perceive reality.

Our ability to see into the various dimensions of reality is reflected

in the energetic ease or dis-ease found in our relationships"

We can get insight into how balanced / imbalanced, aligned / not aligned, or regulated / dysregulated we may be in our life...

Simply by looking at the quality of our relationships.

Each of the chakras have unique attributes and associated relationships that help us get compassionately curious about where we get stuck.

Some of those relationships are with our family, our environment, our career, or our (past or present) romantic, creative, sexual, or business partners. Other chakras focus on how we relate to others - how we may have hurt others or how others may have hurt us.

By looking at these relationships, we get to explore the various ways we get hooked, dysregulated, and flooded by various emotions.

This program provides us an opportunity to navigate through all of the shame, guilt, grief, anger, and hurt in our relationships in such a way that we truly get to feel wholeheartedly integrated and that all parts of ourselves are welcome at the table of our heart.

We get to walk through chakra by chakra and explore…

o Where do we experience suffering, struggle, or heartache?

o Where do we keep repeating old patterns?

o Are those patterns serving us still or are they not?

o How do we navigate anxiety, shame, anger, or hurt?

o Where is grief coming up in our life?

o How do we navigate criticism?

o Where could we potentially use stronger boundaries?

And so, throughout these 90 days, each week there are practices for your BODY, MIND, HEART, and SPIRIT.

This integration of these four parts of you is critical for true healing and inner freedom.

There's only so much benefit that can happen if we just focus on the body. Or we just focus on the mind. Or just focus on the heart. Or just on the spirit.

The truly transformative practice lies in the integration of those four parts of our being.

So, if this is something that you struggle with… getting caught in patterns of the past, reliving past survival responses and trauma patterns. If you feel you struggle to regulate your nervous system or create a balanced, aligned life… this program may be for you.

I would love to share Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras with you!

Have questions about this program? Feel free to reach out - I'd love to hear from you.



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