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A Journey of Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit Medicine

Alachua, Florida | May 16 - 19, 2024


This Somatic Awakening retreat is a deeply immersive journey that welcomes individuals from all walks of life to explore and expand their inner landscapes.

It is an invitation to experience profound transformations and expedite personal growth

within a nurturing and sacred space.

We have thoughtfully woven together a tapestry of holistic approaches designed to reveal the profound beauty and potential within each of us. This unique gathering harmoniously blends the practices of Therapeutic Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation, with Somatic Psychology and Embodied Movement, inviting a deeper connection to our wholehearted experience.

Designed as a truly collaborative journey, we will come together and explore practices for your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit to provide you with the

keys to your own liberation and freedom...

So that you may show up in this world with more agency, love, passion, purpose, devotion, and drive. 

This retreat is built upon the transformative power of Somatic (body-centered) healing methods, with a special focus on Polyvagal Theory. It offers you a comprehensive guide to understanding the intricate dance of your nervous system. By exploring this map, you'll be empowered to delve into the rich tapestry of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions. It's designed to enlighten you during moments of connection, navigate through feelings of disconnection, and uplift you when you doubt your worthiness for connection. Our aim is to accompany you on your journey towards a profound

Somatic Awakening, where you live in harmony with your true self.


Are you ready...

  • To embrace a deeper understanding of your body's language and wisdom?

  • To challenge old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you, making room for new, life-affirming ways of being?

  • To be part of a supportive community that uplifts and inspires, sharing the journey of transformation together?

 Questions to Consider...

  • ​Do you feel the need for a pause and reset from your daily routine?

  • Are you seeking a deeper connection with your body and inner wisdom?

  • Do you feel called to explore holistic healing practices for your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit through an interactive and practical approach?

  • Are you open to exploring new self-care practices that you can integrate into your daily life to cultivate a life of more passion and purpose?

  • Do you yearn for a safe space to explore and express your emotions and experiences?

If yes, then this retreat is for you.

Somatic Awakening is designed to give you a holistic map, helping you aliven and awaken your compassionate curiosity, radical integrity, and nervous system regulation.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the cycles in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors - you will be able to break free from those limiting beliefs, from outdated patterns, and from impulsive / reactive behaviors that take you out of alignment of your integrity that keep you stuck in a rut of some variation of rinse, wash, and repeat


Meet your



Retreat Leader & Somatic Educator

Screen Shot 2024-03-08 at


Ayurvedic Chef & Healer

Brandi Headshot.jpg


Cacao Ceremonialist & Song Carrier


What to expect:

  • Practices for your Body

    • Prema Breathwork Sessions

    • Learn How to Map your Nervous System

    • Mindful Movement with Jivamukti & Yin Yoga

    • Sacred Embodiment

  • Practices for your Mind 

    • Interactive Lectures & Community Discussions

    • Learning to Track your Internal Landscape

    • Guided Meditations

  • Practices for your Heart

    • Cacao Ceremonies

    • Fire Releasing Ceremony

    • Journal Prompts to Aid Your Inward Journey toward Compassionate Curiosity

    • Kirtan (call and response devotional chanting)

  • Practices for your Spirit

    • Consciousness Expanding Practices

    • Laughter, Song, Dance

    • Fun, Play, Bliss


Looking Back at Last Year


"In my culture we call our traumas “heart knots.” It’s kinks in your life line that we carry in ourselves, most of the time disrupting the flow of life itself through us. It was during one of my Somatic Awakening experiences that I felt one of my oldest heart knots dissolve. At one point the heaviness of this knot was so intense I did not think I could continue with the breathing technique. Like magic, Keri came to my side, cued me into continuing the breath, her presence reminded me I was safe, and continuing on is my choice if I choose to take it. After some time, the knot dissolved. It literally felt like the pressure had turned to confetti, just fell away, absorbed by the ground, and I was left feeling like I was flying. I felt my heart open, my mind danced. I felt that I could love and could be loved. I felt forgiveness, happiness, love, safety, truth all at the same time. Even though I know I have many heart knots, the dissolution of this one was big for me. It felt like my heart can grow, and most of all I could live."


Previous Somatic Awakening Retreat Participant

Our home away from home.

Pareners Branch


Pareners Branch is a beautiful homestead, located on 30 acres, in the northwest part of Alachua County, between Alachua and High Springs. With expansive views overlooking a 200 acre farm, and a stunning pool designed to replicate the Blue Springs of Northern Florida, this incredible oasis will be your sanctuary for your expansive

Somatic Awakening journey.


During your all-inclusive stay, we will have our multi-talented Ayurvedic chef - Iraimer Ruiz - creatively prepare our local and organic plant-based vegan and vegetarian meals to support our wholehearted nourishment of body, mind, heart, and spirt. Our daily schedule will be filled with sunrises, sunsets, sacred embodiment, Prema Breathwork sessions, connecting workshops, meditations, and plenty of time to integrate our experiences. 


* Early bird, $50 discount until March 29th *

Shared Room with Twin bed, $1000  (3 spots available)
Single Occupancy with Queen bed, $1100 ( SOLD OUT )

$900 (2 spots available)
*Must bring your own camping gear *

Pay in full or $500 deposit to secure your spot.

Remaining balance is due 30 days before the start of the retreat.
Payment plan options are available upon requ

At Mindful Therapy with Keri, we are committed to nurturing a diverse, inclusive, and accessible space. As such, we are delighted to offer 2 partial scholarships, specifically for members of the
BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

To be considered for this scholarship, please fill out this application.


Your accommodations, daily workshops, retreat workbook, and all meals - providing local, organic, vegetarian offerings 

made with creativity and love!

Ready for your Somatic Awakening?


Have you practiced mindfulness and / or yoga before?
Have you practiced Prema Breathwork before?

Thank you so much for submitting your registration form, I am so excited to have you join us for this experience. Stay on the lookout for an email from me soon, to finalize your registration and secure your spot. 

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