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How will payments be received?

  • All payments will be made through Kajabi

    • All major credit cards are accepted

Do you have scholarships available?

  • ​​I completely understand that a program like this is an energetic and financial investment that can be difficult to afford

  • I am happy to offer financial accommodations as availability permits

  • Please contact me prior to registering to inquire about this opportunity​

What is the payment breakdown exactly?

  • Option 2 - $1111

    • Pay in Full and (save $389) or

    • 4 Payments of $375

      • Recurs two weeks starting immediately for 4 payments

  • Option 1 - $555

    • After full payment, you will receive direct access to the Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras program on Kajabi

When are the live group calls?

  • The group live calls will be every other Thursday afternoon from 12-1pm EST

    • January 21

    • February 4, 18

    • March 4, 18

    • April 1

What if I can't make the live calls?

  • No problem at all - I understand that we all have different schedules and live in various time zones

    • All live calls will be recorded and available within 24 hours of recording

  • The Monday prior to our Friday calls, I will send out Self-Reflection Questionnaire that is designed to help curate the live calls

    • If you're unable to attend the calls, you still have the opportunity to have your questions and curiosities reflected upon

This program is advertised as "trauma-informed" - what does that mean?

  • Trauma is a lens from which I view the world. This program provides a brief introduction to how trauma affects your nervous system, how trauma can keep you stuck in past patterns, and how to engage in different mindfulness-based practices to help you regulate your nervous system when you feel overwhelmed with life's unfolding experiences

Do I need prior yoga or meditation experience to participate in this program?

  • While having a prior yoga and meditation practice may be helpful, this course is intended to be beneficial to all individuals - regardless of where they may be on their path. Whether or you are brand new to yoga and meditation, a beginner, or a seasoned practitioner - this program is designed to meet you where you are at this time in your life - Welcome!

Do you have any other questions?
Feel free to connect