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Do you struggle with shame?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

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Have you ever struggled with shame?

Specifically, do you ever experience shame tapes?

Those stories or narratives that you tell yourself - about yourself - that try to keep you down and feeling small? 

Some primary themes of shame tapes may be...

I'm not enough,

I'm not worthy, or

I don't matter. 

Each and every one of us has some form of wounded core belief that we may have internalized from our youth and lived experiences.

Now it might have been something that someone told to us like a parent, coach, teacher, partner, or sibling. Or it might just be something that we simply ingested from society that we unconsciously internalized as truth.

Brené Brown often talks about shame beginning as a two-person sport, but then, it ends up becoming a one-person game. Because whatever it is that we were told or we internalized from society, we then begin to repeat those narratives - like a broken record - back to ourselves with such regularity that we believe them to be true about ourselves, others, and the world. 

One of the key contributing factors to our internal struggle are the debilitating stories and narratives that we tell ourselves about our worthiness of love and belonging. 

In Brené Brown's Rising Strong™ process, we explore this very important question.... where do we get stuck?  

Where do we have these emotional hooks, where we find ourselves repeating these shame tapes that make us feel small and unworthy?

Then, in Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras, we get curious about what relationship(s) do those shame narratives show up? What emotion(s) are they connected to? And then we rumble with those emotions. Rumbling with emotions means that we really unpack them. We get compassionately curious about those "SFD's" or what Anne Lamott and Brené Brown calls "shitty first drafts".

We ask ourselves - what more information do we need to know about ourselves?

What more information do we need to know about the situation?

What more information do we need to know about the others involved in that situation?

This is where compassionate curiosity comes in.

It's a practice where we really unpack those narratives and those beliefs that we tell ourselves. Where did they come from? How do those narratives and beliefs affect our body, mind, heart, and spirit? How does our nervous system respond to these stories?

This is where the trauma-informed part comes in. We begin to explore what stories and experiences regulate or dysregulate our nervous system.

Once we notice how our nervous system responds, we can learn how to bring ourselves back into a regulated state. How do navigate these stories and experiences of feeling out of alignment, stuck, and small, so we can truly step forward into our life with Radical Integrity?

In Rising Strong™ Through the Chakras, we uncover shame, layer by layer, to truly create a life of inner freedom. As we transform trauma and heal those deep inner parts of ourselves that have been convinced that we are not worthy of love and belonging.

We are all worthy of love and belonging. May we start engaging in the world from a place of believing so, from the inside out!

I look forward to sharing this program with you.


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